GoPro has announced over the weekend that they have acquired the tiny but mighty team at Reelsteady. The software offers after filming effects and image stabilisation through clever utilisation of the available video data. The feature set offered is outstanding:

  • Gyro-based stabilization
  • Fully standalone desktop app
  • Advanced rolling shutter removal
  • Built-in lens distortion correction
  • Adjustable smoothness value
  • Adjustable cropping speed
  • Auto-detection of GoPro metadata
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Horizon levelling mode
  • Fast stabilisation and render times

Understandably with a feature set so comprehensive Reelsteady has a strong customer base in the drone community. Moving forward that will result in a significant saving and a better experience for users. Now, rather than being an extra cost, users will see the features included in the offerings from GoPro.

The team from Reelsteady are as excited as the wider GoPro team about their merging into the GoPro brand.

Everything we’ve done so far has had no official link to GoPro, and now as part of the team, everything we create will be embedded from within GoPro. We are excited, especially for our customers, for what is to come—collaboration as part of the GoPro Team to create amazing things that will enhance the GoPro experience for everybody.

If you’re into adventurous activities, spend a lot of time outdoors or just like sharing your adventures – GoPro has a lot to offer. Now there are even more features, the value offering becomes more palatable for many.