With the increasing social distancing measures in place in Australia and around the world, it’s more important than ever that – wherever possible – we keep our distance from others to prevent increasing rates or COVID-19.

We wrote yesterday about various solutions to staying in touch while working remotely and how to monitor employees working from home, but what about things that facilitate the actual doing of remote work?

LogMeIn does more than just video conferencing; the company’s “Emergency Remote Works” kit includes solutions for meetings and video conferencing, webinars and virtual events, remote IT support/management and remote device access (GoToMeeting/GoTo, Pro, Central, Rescue), to ensure these critical organisations stay connected when it matters most.

For the next three months, the company is making all these services available, full and unrestricted, for governments/municipalities, educational institutions, healthcare organisations and non-profits.

You can read the full announcement here from LogMeIn CEO Bill Wagner with more details on the offerings.

For profit companies – which include much of the private sector – miss out here, there are so many other ways they can facilitate remote work, both paid and free, that it shouldn’t be a huge issue. Keeping essential services working, however, I think we can all agree is more important.