I do my best to stay away from sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, but they keep sucking me back in. There’s some really cool ideas and innovations regularly. In random travels, another one of these has come across my screen – The K1 Smart Lock.

YEEUU K1 is a smart lockbox that features fingerprint, password, remote access and in-app management for any rental, condo, shop and family. It’s the perfect key exchange solution that eliminates the need to copy extra keys or change locks. Protected by 128-bit encryption, K1 is the safest and most convenient way to provide keys and property access control.

The design idea is simple, but the delivery is the best I’ve seen. The key lockbox offers multiple access pathways:

  • A Dynamic Password – easily issues via app offering a code that is valid for 5 minutes access
  • A time window password – valid for a set period of time only, then expiring
  • Direct App access – use the app to open the box
  • Fingerprint access
  • Permanent passcode

You can permanently mount, or hang the box on a suitable item.

The K1 lockbox can be installed securely in minutes using simple tools. For permanent installations, bolt-thru and screw-on hardware are provided for surface mounting in any convenient location on the house.

There are a couple of models, Basic and Deluxe with a variety of prices. Given the current status of 1660% of the funding goal achieved, it’s safe to say the campaign has been a success.

While the design has accessing properties and rentals in mind, this could also have far wider-reaching potential which is limited only by users creativity.