Way back in 2017 Google announced Android (Go edition) with an ambitious plan to target the entry-level segment of the smartphone market, bringing Android to the masses. Now, three years later, Google have announced that they have passed the 100 million user mark outlining their plans for the future.

Android Go comes with Google’s suite of lightweight apps that allow users to experience Android and Google on devices with limited resources. Included with all of their usual apps is Google Lens — “Lens in Google Go” — to help users quickly translate, hear and search text using the camera on their smartphone. Google Search is also included with Google Go allowing the usual searches without their searches being saved to their account using a new setting.

Now today, along with celebrating the 100 million user mark they are also releasing a new camera app for Android Go devices bringing some more advanced camera features to the entry-level devices.

While Android Go is fairly absent from our market they are here and they are decent if you have someone who only needs the very basics in a smartphone. For those people they are perfect and now they’ll be able to take some decent photos to share with the world.

Do you own an Android Go phone? Which one? How much did you pay for it and would you do it again?