Earlier this month Google cancelled their developer conference citing COVID-19 fear. It seems these fears were well founded as COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc throughout the world and seems set to continue to do so for quite a while. Now it has forced the cancellation of even the possibility of an online event.

Via their social media channels Google have announced that in line with the “shelter in place”requirements of the Bay Area government (along with much of California) Google I/O will not take place in any capacity at all this year. Instead they are pivoting and looking at ways in which they can help people with the new challenges we face in these unprecedented modern times.

Although it seems strange to cancel an online event we can’t forget that to stream a quality production to the world presenters and production staff would need to meet up to plan and record everything — something that goes against the current “shelter in place” edict. I’m not sure I could handle watching an entire event streamed from someones Winnebago (that’s normally parked in the Google car park) or their bedroom so Google’s decision seems prudent for many reasons.

Although there will be no Google I/O this year Google remain committed to providing their developers and community with details of all their new updates and how best to use them within their apps, web pages and more. It is unclear how this will affect the announcements of new products with the Pixel 4a and the new Pixel Buds which were expected to arrive at Google I/O but we expect online announcements just like everything else.

Unfortunately this is the new world we live in and it has hit us like a freight train, fast and hard. Google are trying to adapt just as we all should. Experts say that it is unclear just when it will end, we hope you are all too, are looking after yourselves and your loved ones and beyond anything else, staying safe.

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What happened to Ausdroid championing mass conferences continue to happen? 😉