The WHO recommends that to help prevent the spread of diseases, for example COVID-19, that frequent, thorough hand washing is essential. To help everyone with washing their hands — and I suspect this could be directed at kids mostly — Google have created a jingle for Google Assistant.

Although the new Google Assistant action is only rolling out — not available on our devices just yet which seems a strange decision by Google — some in the US have access to it.

OK Google, help me wash my hands

After issuing the above command to your Assistant you device will play a wash your hands song to the tune of row row row your boat which is slightly annoying but fun nonetheless. For younger kids at least the tool should help them to wash their hands good enough and for long enough — I am sure everyone with kids will know how woeful they generally are with washing their hands properly.

The WHO recommends washing your hands for 40 to 60 seconds although many infection control bodies use the “at least 20 seconds” time frame — my work CPD recommends this latter time. Either way it is important that you wash them thoroughly before drying with the friction of a towel of some sort. If you want more information on just how to wash them please refer to this link here or on the ABC website here — both are great resources.

Android Police have posted a video of it in action — see below — and while they seem to mock the video and it is corny, hand washing is extremely essential. We cannot stress this highly enough.

We owe it to our health sector, our fellow Australians and fellow human beings to contain this disease and the washing of our hands properly is a great way to start. Good on Google for bringing this out so quickly although it would seem prudent for them to roll it out worldwide ASAP. Let us know when you get it in the comments below.

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Assuming we get really really lucky and they can rush a vaccine through in 12 months , dam , its going to be a long 12 months . I`m thinking , if we at least eventually get a bulk supply of the throw away surgical masks , that will at least give us some confidence to go about life with a bit more normalcy ….ish . i am normally a bit of a germ freak , bacteria scares me , i find myself now washing my hands after i wash my hands o0 , washing hands so many times a… Read more »

Jamie S

It’s a crazy world out there. It’s so quiet in Brisbane like it is 20 years ago. If we all live through this thing it will be remembered for a long, long time. Stay safe my fellow Ausdrood reader👍