There’s been a lot of reports about the lyrics feature in YouTube Music expanding over the last 24 hours. As there are a not-insignificant number of users without it yet, it seems that it’s a staged rollout that’s not quite complete. ie. The feature is present in the app but not all users can see the lyrics.

To access the lyrics to your favourite songs, click the info button next to the song name and select lyrics. It’s as simple as that. Personally I have found that there are some artists that are well covered, others not at all. So if you’re not seeing lyrics in YouTube Music yet, check out a few artists just to make sure.

This is just another step in creating a significant feature gap – can we please start with parity Google? – between Google Play Music and YouTube Music. While there is no cemented date when GPM will cease operation, clearly it’s coming.

What do you need from YouTube Music before you’re prepared to discard GPM moving forward?

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Tired of waiting

I was a gpm customer for 4 years until last month, when I finally gave up waiting on Google… And went to Spotify.

There are no tracks on there that fade out half way through, no interruptions for film clip audio, there is crossfading, there are podcasts, there is a song cache meaning the next song will play if I happen to be in a reception black spot, not just curl up and close like ytm, I could go on.

You made me wait too long Google, and I’m not coming back in a hurry.


What I need is simple, and you mention it in the article Phil, feature parity.
If Google won’t let YTM have the same features and capabilities as GPM as a minimal start point, then as far as I’m concerned I’ll be hoping YTM dies in a god damned fire.


Having finally installed YTM on my Nokia 6.1, so I could see how poorly it compares to GPM, I find that on YTM, I’m missing my entire GPM library. Purchased tracks and albums, my playlists, and my uploads. In my YTM Library, artist and album lists are empty. Songs has been culled from my recent viewing history on YT. Playlists are built from the YT viewing history. So the Artists is not being populated at all from what YTM shoves into Songs. That leads me to suspect it won’t get populated from Albums either. YTM has day of week playlists,… Read more »

Mark M

What I need is an option to disconnect my Youtube video playlists/content and Youtube Music playlists/content. I don’t wan’t cross contamination between video and music platforms.