There is so much streaming content available in our digital world. We’re also seeing a lot of content providers starting to open up free content on paid channels including Audible, Foxtel and discounts on a number of platforms such as Kayo Sports. XDA developers has located a snippet of code that suggests we may see ad-supported content on Google Play Movies soon.

The code strings show that a D.O.B is required (hinting at not just G rated content) but also specifically mention free content.

<string name=”athome_add_birthdate_to_watch”>Add birthdate to watch</string>
<string name=”athome_free_with_ads”>Free with ads</string>
<string name=”athome_free_with_ads_description”>Hundreds of movies, just a few ads</string>
<string name=”at_home_introduce_free_movies”>Introducing</string>
<string name=”athome_watch_free_with_ads”>Watch free with ads</string>

The feature is not yet live for anyone we are aware of, however with the code present it could be as simple as Google enabling a server side update.

One comment in the code I find interesting is the continual athome which makes me wonder if the ability to watch content for free will be tied to your home GPS location – something that doesn’t make too much sense, but I guess it’s plausible.