There are certainly trying times, for everyone. Many people are working from home while many are unfortunately out of work. The contact between people we have been told by mental health experts is very important for our well bring, especially in a time of isolation — I know my 14 year old social butterfly daughter is already finding it difficult.

One of the best ways to maintain social contact is with video conferencing with work colleagues or friends. In a bid to lighten the moods of everyone in these times the company behind Snapchat have shown off their fun desktop app that can be used with a wide variety of video services.

Snap Camera is available as a desktop app and works with Google Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft Teams and more that provides filters or Lenses for you to have fun with — or to hide the fact you are still in your Pikachu onesie.

There are of course many fun filters and dress ups your could use and you can use it in most of the popular desktop video conferencing apps. There are also some work from home lenses which includes a full suit and tie with a range of professional hairstyles. You can also change the background of your location to suggest you are on holiday in a tropical location.

To enable Snap Camera you will need to download it or your PC or Mac first. Launch Snap Camera, choose your Lens and then when you open your video conferencing app select Snap Camera as your webcam device.

If you are already getting bored with just video conferencing why not help yourself relieve the tensions and monotony with a bit of fun and try Snap Camera. This isolation could take a while so settle in as best you can.