We all know that OnePlus make some great phones and their software enhancements are unmatched in their speed and usefulness. This year they are expected to take another big step forward with their second ultra-premium device, the OnePlus 8 Pro.

The OnePlus 8 series is expected to arrive in mid-April and while we have already seen OnePlus provide details on the display that they will house there have only been non-specific leaks and rumours until now. Leaker Ishan Agarwal managed to get his hands on some official-looking specs sheets which do not leave much to the imagination.

The specs are not surprising at all but help us to delineate the difference between the two models. The OnePlus 8 Pro will arrive with a larger, higher resolution display 6.78-inches and QHD+ vs 6.55-inches and FHD+. The Pro will feature a 120Hz refresh rate display while the standard 8 will arrive with a 90Hz refresh rate display — likely to be similar to that in last year’s devices.

Inside will of course be a 5G-enabled Snapdragon 865 with 8GB or 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage. Both the Pro and the 8 will support 30W Warp Charge 30T but the Pro version will also include 30W Wireless Fast Charging and 3W reverse wireless charging. The Pro will also differ in that it will have an IP rating — IP68.

Another point of difference between the two is the rear camera systems. The Pro will arrive with a quad camera — dual 48-megapixel sensors with one an ultra-wide angled lens, an 8-megapixel and 5-megapixel lens — while the 8 will have just a triple read camera setup — 48MP, 16MP and 2MP.

All in all the OnePlus 8 Pro is looking to be an amazing ultra-premium device with some impressive specs and most likely their best in class software skin. Although it is extremely unlikely to be available here the COVID-19 pandemic may convince OnePlus to sell it worldwide online. If not there will always be grey market importers willing to take your money in exchange for one.

We have of course made contact with OnePlus asking about their plans for Australia but given the current situation it will not make it into stores but we still remain hopeful for a worldwide online release.

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Scott I hope they do. Last 3 phones 1+. But with their pricing the way it is now hey imports not an option. Also my 6t battery is doing after 15 months. Similar pattern with op3t and op1.

Perhaps an article on how to get decent battery replacements? eBay and AliExpress battery all seem like dodgy crap.

Tim Marshall

Damn I wish one was IPS/LCD !
I think unfortunately folks will soon be seeing the benefits of a panel with more than 2 years longevity


Mine is currently 2 years old and so far not a sign of any issues. I use dark backgrounds and modes where possible.