13Cabs, the taxi booking and ride app, has officially launched a pick up and delivery service through its app to assist with the delivery of good and parcels to counter the impact coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on the taxi industry and the community too.

The service launched late last week and the company has begun rolling out an advertising campaign on social media today, with the 13Cabs services creative agency Thinkerbell representative Jim Ingram, telling Mumbrella that the introduction of delivery service has been in the pipeline for a while. However, thanks to the Covid-19 situation and the current demand for an “immediate” and “24/7 delivery service”, Ingram stated that the decision was made to launch the service now via EDMs and social media messaging:

“Now is not the time to be playing with the kerning of the 13 Cabs logo. It’s a time to work with the brand on genuine innovation and solutions that will help during this time. We’re incredibly proud to have played a part in making this happen”

Existing and new customers can download and log into the 13Cabs app and book a taxi as they would if they were traveling, which they would then fill in an option to mark it as a parcel. 13Cabs has stated that customers who wish to take up this option, would be best to add a payment method by either choosing Apple or Google Pay, or adding a credit or debit card manually to the app to avoid contact with the driver.

Rebecca Fyson, 13 Cabs head of marketing, has said that she hoped the new service would give Australians some peace of mind.

“We’re proud to bring this innovative addition to our customers, as we help our all Australians continue living as normally as possible.

By launching 13 Things today, we hope to give our Australian community piece of mind that they’ll be able to access all the things, like essential medicines and groceries they require while adjusting to these unusual circumstances.”

As stated, then service is now live via the 13Cabs app and if your interested in trialing the service out, then you can download the 13Cabs apps via the link below.

Developer: 13cabs
Price: Free