I am buying into the hype, and why wouldn’t I? The OnePlus 8 series looks set to be the best phones they have ever produced. Not only will there be full 5G support but they will apparently include every single hardware spec you could ask for. The release date was rumoured to be the 15th April but now the official date has been announced — April 14.

Via their social media channels OnePlus have announced that the OnePlus 8 will be announced on April 14 at 11am EDT (ie. East coast US time) which in effect make sit the 15th of April in Australia and China — I’ll call that original rumour correct. The launch will obviously be an online event which you will be able to watch from the OnePlus website or from their YouTube channel as well.

As you can see above the teaser for the launch sent out by OnePlus does not reveal much about the phone although given the press renders and everything else that has leaked in the past weeks and months I don’t think there would be many, if any, surprises left.

With the tag line “Lead with Speed” the launch will show off the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro with a lower specced OnePlus 8 Z rumoured to also be announced. The Pro is set to be what sets the world alight though with its 120Hz QHD+ display, Snapdragon 865 with 5G support, quad rear camera including the industry leading Sony IMX689, and the world’s best Android skin, Oxygen OS. The “Lead with Speed” tag line could relate to many things with the OnePlus 8 — its operating system, the charging speed, both wireless or wired, along with possibly its 5G support.

Add in 30W Warp Fast charging, 30W wireless charging and you will have an amazing phone that should provide you with everything you could ask for in a phone. Here’s hoping that in this age of online only retailing that OnePlus take the next step and sell it world wide offering returns to their regional centres in Asia for those without local support — ie. Australia.

We have not given up hope of seeing it available here somehow but we suspect once again that those after one will be left with grey market importers or mail forwarders.

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Joshua Hill

How hard is it top ship to Australia and offer a warranty via online channels!

If they did that I’d probably but one, my S8 is very long in the tooth


Am I correct in saying OnePlus is still not officially available in Australia?


If past history is anything to go by mate , they more than likely will not make an appearance here unless one takes to grey importers sadly .
But Hopefully that trend changes .