Hopefully Microsoft have missed the boat. Hopefully the current crisis is over by then but Microsoft’s room-based messaging platform is set to become available to everyday consumers by the end of the year.

With most users being large corporations or schools at the moment Microsoft Teams has grown quickly in the three years it has been in existence — there are more than 44 million people using Microsoft Teams every day. In an announcement today Microsoft have detailed how they plan to bring new features to Teams along with availability to Joe and Jill Public.

On their blog that have previewed new features coming to Microsoft Teams for your personal life — no longer limited to your business life. The new features will allow you to connect, stay organised and collaborate with family and friends.

Users will be able to connect in a group chat, make video calls, collaborate over shared to-do lists and assign tasks to specific people, coordinate schedules and share videos and photos — and do it all in one place, Microsoft Teams.

With the ability to share grocery lists, organise everyone in a family across their family calendars, store information such as Wi-Fi passwords and account information and also see location updates such as when your kids get home from school you can be sure that Microsoft Teams will continue to grow, this time in the consumer space.

The new features will be arriving in preview form to the Microsoft Teams mobile app in the coming months. With Microsoft Teams being used in so many businesses and schools now it will be interesting to see if they can translate that success over to the consumer world.

It is possible that they may be too late to the party. Group chats are required now and are already here now in these times of isolation and social distancing.