Portable DVD players aren’t only for long car trips. In these Coronavirus times they can also be a great – and importantly, cheap – way to keep your kids occupied while you’re on a long video or phone teleconference/meeting.

Whether you’re on the phone or webcam with your colleagues or customers, you may need to make sure your children don’t interrupt you. So it’s lucky that many kids enjoy watching the same thing like Frozen 2 or Minions over and over again.

Besides keeping your kids occupied for a while, portable DVD players have the benefit of:

  • Not using your home broadband connection which gives you more speed for work tasks online
  • The children can’t click on any dodgy videos or ads, which they would be able to on a tablet/phone
  • You don’t need to give them your phone, after all you probably need it to message/call colleagues

The cheapest portable DVD player you can buy from a local shop is the 7″ Laser Portable DVD/CD Player for $79 from Big W. Click and collect and delivery are also available.

The 7″ screen isn’t as high resolution as a smartphone but it offers a decent enough viewing experience for a small screen. You can’t expect 1080P or 4K at this price!

There are 9 inch and 10 inch models from Laser, and other portable DVD player brands are available, but they cost more so it’s best to get the cheapest option during this time when home budgets are tighter than usual.

After COVID-19 is over, portable DVD players can be taken anywhere such as a car, train or plane trip. The built-in anti-skip technology should buffer playback ensuring the kids movie plays smoothly even when the journey is bumpy.

The rechargeable lithium battery promises to accommodate the average movie (you can plug it into mains power at home) and the Sony optical pickup ensures consistent image quality, faster load times and longer life.

Of course, we’re not advocating for digital devices taking over from parenting responsibilities, but we acknowledge too that parents quite often have to work, and with kids out of school in most states, having a cheap and safe alternative to keep them entertained for a while is a good idea.

Product Features:

  • Carry case/headrest holder
  • Earphone
  • Australian /New Zealand SAA approved power adaptor
  • Analog RCA AV cable (to connect to old TV’s). No HDMI output
  • Car and home power adaptors included
  • Remote controller
  • Ideal for travel
  • 180 degree swivel monitor to suit any position
  • 17.75cm (7″) widescreen swivel LCD (1024 x 600 pixels)
  • Full function remote control
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Full function remote control