We first heard about it at CES in 2019, then got a look at it in August. The Lenovo Smart Clock is a very simple take on a hugely complex technology. Taking a lot of the capacity of the Home Hub and condensing it into something very little and frankly, very cute.

JB Hi-Fi has a good deal on the Lenovo Smart Clock until the end of April, offering two units for $149.00. While not having the capabilities of a Home Hub, the Smart Clock can certainly follow all of your Google Assistant commands allowing you to control your smart home — oh and it tells the time too.

For more detail on our thoughts on the Lenovo Smart Clock you can check out the review here — tl:dr we loved it.

The Lenovo smart clock has an excellent feature set and represents great value for money if you’re looking to start your smart home. Whether it’s one for you and one for your partner or one to store as a gift for family member later in the year, saving $50 is worth exploring.