YouTube Music is Google’s future plan for all their music. Google Play Music will be shown the door — it is just a matter of time. As such Google are working feverishly to bring feature parity between the two services.

Today Google have pushed an update to YouTube Music that adds some common sense to your library. The new library organisation makes it easier to find specific artists or tracks in your library. Previously you were presented with shortcuts to downloads, playlists, artists and songs but the problem was that albums and songs were not automatically added after adding an artist.

According to a post on Reddit that is changing now with a new UI that results in the addition of an artist to your library if you add one of their songs or albums — as it should. Also, when you add an album all the songs from that album are added to your song sub-menu.

Another change that is rolling out is the ability to share your profile including your public playlists with other users using links. The functionality is easily usable on the web interface by heading into your library then to all playlists. There, you will find all of the playlists you have made. Click on your name and the list of your public playlists is shown along with a share button.

The functionality is also available in the Android app and you get there by also going into your playlists and clicking on one of your playlists you have made yourself and then tapping on your name. Hit the share arrow and you can then share it to any Android app that is present in the usual share list.

Both of the above changes are apparently server side switches and at this stage we have seen the playlist share functionality but not the new library functionality. Once again, it’s great to see Google continuing to improve YouTube Music although consensus says that they still have a ways to go before it reaches feature parity with Google Play Music.

What say you? Have you made the switch yet?

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YouTube Music
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MORE chrome and bells and whistles being fixed, but STILL the essential core things from GPM needed for feature parity are not being attempted to be done.

Seamus McKenzie

Still can not transfer music from my collection . Useless otherwise .


It now finds and organises local music on an SD card. Still awaiting the transfer of my personal cloud collection.