The other day we saw a leak that showed the OnePlus 8 series and the apps its MEMC supported. Today OnePlus have shown off the video today, also mentioning the dedicated chip they will have to accomplish this.

MEMC is a technology which is designed to improve the video playback by using “real-time algorithmic adjustments to insert additional frames to a video file, enabling something shot at 24 or 30fps to play at 60 or even 120fps.” To do this on the OnePlus 8 series — yes, not just the Pro — OnePlus have included a dedicated MEMC chip.

At this stage it is still unclear just how useful and effective the technology is with it being less than ideal on larger TVs but you would suspect that OnePlus will have done a lot of testing on it with good results and would not have included it otherwise.

The OnePlus 8 series will be launched online on April 14, 11am EDT (US) — 12pm AET (Melbourne) — and while we know quite a bit about it already we cannot wait to see just what OnePlus bring to the stage to surprise us with.

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This one plus 8 looks like a good phone to me , it seems as if they have stood the test of time , now it apparently has ip68 ? and a lot of the other bells and whistles , Im thinking Sammy may miss out on my dollars this year(as he did last year .... i still like sammy phones but not the exynos ) , as it looks like i can now buy a what looks like a decent chinese phone with the good chipset ( Qualcom 865), and i like the camera array layout going down the… Read more »


Maybe my eyes aren’t that great but they look almost identical tome.


I guess it may depend what you are viewing it on ( my eyes are pretty average too 😉 ),
But looking at it on my monitor , it is very easy to see the higher frame rate version is silky smooth , while the standard example is very janky indeed , it looks like a worthwhile feature imo .
Cheers .


does the ski lift on the left of the picture appear to jitter a bit in the lower frame rate clip for you ? thats the key difference for me, in the MEMC clip its really smooth