The Samsung tablet line is consistent and follows the naming conventions of the Galaxy S line of phones. Last year, we saw the first “lite” tablet from Samsung in the Tab S5e. We saw the first signs there would be a successor in the Tab S6 lite last year, followed by the device passing FCC.

Thanks to an Amazon listing spotted by Price Baba, and now taken down, we now know pricing.

The Wi-Fi only variant is priced starting at €399 (AU$718.77 on current exchange rate) and the LTE version will be €430 (AU$774.62). Let’s be blunt, neither of those is a cheap option and leaves me to wonder what the future of Android tablets could be. For the same price, you can get a laptop from one of the major retailers that offer a lot of extra capabilities.

Samsung has done little to hide their intent to position the Tab SX range against the iPad Pro and perhaps these prices give an indication of what we can expect from the Galaxy Tab 7 in terms of pricing on its arrival. We’ll be staying on top of the availability of the Tab S6 lite as more information becomes available.

What would an Android tablet need to deliver for you to invest your hard-earned dollars in a new device?

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The Euro converted price for the WiFi only S6 Lite is, quite bluntly, stupid crazy obscene gouging. The price for the LTE version however, is on a par with what the price for its capability predecessor model was. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) 4G/LTE with S Pen P585. That had an Australian refail price tag of between $699 and $799 depending on which refail mob you bought from. So the Euro converted price for the LTE S6 Lite looks to be on par with the P585. If Samsung don’t try to gouge us, the LTE S6 Lite will… Read more »


Can’t understand how Samsung price matching Apple works. No software updates on tablets (phones not much better at 2 years) versus 5 years. With Android devices getting as expensive as iPhones I am thinking of a switch to me first idevice since an iPod in the early 2000s


Honestly, the way Google have been setting up Chrome OS to effectively run all android apps and their own device releases, Chromebooks are the new Android tablets. I’m certainly not going to buy a tablet when Chromebooks are more cost effective as I can use them both at home and while in class


Just bought the Tab S5e. The best Android tablet I have ever owned. Screen is brilliant, sound is great and with 4GB of RAM the performance is really snappy. Just wish they had more than 64GB of storage. But only 1 negative is not bad.


They do have a 128Gb variant, with 6GB RAM too….