With the 2020 Galaxy Buds+ only just being announced we were surprised to see the perhaps Samsung’s 2021 iteration may have already leaked out. And it looks like Samsung has bean working on something new, we’re going to call them ear beans.

The new shape is a radical departure from the traditional style ear bud and will apparently come without any silicone “tips” to assist them to stay in place or adapt to different sized ears. The bean or kidney shaped design features dual speaker per ear, microphones for calls and audio pass through and a sensor to detect if the bean is removed from the users ear.

With the correct weighting the beans may be secure for non active usage, but from experience we find that fully wireless earbuds that do not incorporate some sort of locking mechanism to secure it into your ear is prone to calling out with standard use and almost unusable for active use.

At this point we’d still recommend some salt, these are early prototypes and the details were light on at this stage, so grab some salt, hope this wasn’t a delayed April fools prank and let’s see what Samsung comes out with.

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but… but where do the eartips go… surely it’s not a one-size-fits-all design like the regular Apple earpods/airpods?

Chris Rowland

Earbeans absolutely wouldn’t work for my ears either.. I need ear-tips to hold them in, and the little wing bits to actually lock into my ears. Everything else falls out.