For quite a while many loonies conspiracy “theorists” have been trying to convince not just themselves but able minded people that 5G kills. Although their “theories” have been debunked many times over they continue to push that barrow, now clinging to another so called theory that 5G has caused COVID-19.

Some people remain so convinced, and not just in the UK (just check out any local Facebook page), that they have taken to setting 5G towers alight to “stop the spread of the virus”. There is no evidence, nor any reason given for how this may actually be occurring, but some of these conspiracy theorists are claiming that Wuhan was the first city to get wide 5G coverage, which is why the virus started there.

5G apparently, according to these nutjobs, somehow prevents the haemoglobin in the body from attaching itself to oxygen molecules due to the excitation of the electrons on the oxygen molecules from the 5G radiation. I assume they have taken this theory from the MRI theory that the radiowaves they use (different frequencies for different magnet strengths) excite the hydrogen molecules which then relax back down to their normal state and give off the excitation energy which is then captured to create an image (very, very basic MRI lesson).

There is no way a molecule can remain excited that long but of course don’t let fact, physics or any kind of science get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. Another theory is that the viruses “talk to each other” when making decisions about affecting a host. Yes, someone actually came up with that … and others actually believe it.

Of course Facebook took its sweet time removing the groups spreading this nonsense, and thus it has managed to take hold with some UK residents now taking matters into their own hands and begin destroying 5G infrastructure while imploring others to do the same.

Fact checking website Full Fact has attempted to clear up a lot of this but it has gotten to such proportions that high ranking UK Health officials have had to include mention of it in their daily briefing — alongside stats of the number of deaths and infections…..

The 5G story is complete and utter rubbish, it’s nonsense, it’s the worst kind of fake news. The reality is that the mobile phone networks are absolutely critical to all of us.
I’m absolutely outraged and disgusted that people would be taking action against the infrastructure we need to tackle this emergency. NHS England’s national medical director, Stephen Powis

The UK is not alone with people believing these theories and after having spent some time perusing Facebook today I can say that Australia is rife with them.

With any luck these morons stop spreading such harmful nonsense and just keep (or start) following the advice of experts to flatten the curve to help healthcare professionals deal with the effects of this virus.


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    What I wonder is this.
    Why are such posters, and those who Like such posts and posters, allowed to remain on social networking, allowed to continue to have internet access, and allowed to continue to have phone access?


    Someone would now start pulling down towers, turning their wifi off, throw away their phones, stop using microwave ovens, cut those high tension wires, erc… As they can cause corona virus.

    Dean Rosolen

    Appropriate GIF is appropriate.

    On Facebook taking their time taking these groups down, you have to remember that content moderation at scale is impossible to do well at the best of times (any response will be criticised). Throw in a pandemic situation where much of Facebook’s content moderation staff are at home (which also means Facebook has to shift the balance of moderation decisions to more automated systems that can also have issues – as we’ve already seen recently with their automated spam filtering systems) and it just makes things even worse to deal with.


    Smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Neither does living next to powerlines. I suggest the ausdroid staff stay out of this as they are looking very ignorant. Several studies published around 2015 commissioned by the USA Government strongly linked the impacts of EMF and band widths (which 5g covers and goes 10x more in width where little is known or studied) show that indeed it impacts the body and stated that it acts like a Trojan horse in the fall of Troy. 5g impacts on iron and the body reduce cell membrane integrity allowing Coronavirus (Also created in the lad 2015 in… Read more »

    Chris Rowland

    Smoking doesn’t cause cancer… Ok. Whatever you’ve been smoking must’ve been some strong shit.


    You can’t recognise sarcasm? Are you ok?


    Didn’t you actually read the article ?
    There’s a link RIGHT THERE explaining the relationship between 5G and Coronavirus :


    You are aware that tobacco companies lobbied for 40 years that it was safe also right? The report I spoke of was paid for by the US government and THEIR OWN words and conclusion was that Coronavirus with strong emf sources was – “Like the Trojan horse that destroyed Troy” by weakening cells it allows Coronavirus 19 (study state repeatedly that the US lab first created in 2015). This report was published on many of the highest and most respected websites in the world again, 5 years ago.. My point is maybe you shouldn’t be calling people “Conspiracy theory idiots”… Read more »

    Paul Warner

    I suggest Steve that you get rid of your cell phone if you feel this was

    Chris Rowland

    We call the current crop of coronavirus conspiracy theorists idiots because, frankly, they are. 5G electromagnetic radiation does not weaken cells. Funnily enough, we have been surrounded by EMR in the range used by 5G for a long time. We’ve been bathed in 2Ghz – 6Ghz EMR for even longer. None of these has caused any proven health impact whatsoever. Trying to suggest that 5G signals – which have only eventuated in the last year or two on any measurable scale – have caused coronavirus is ludicrous, because we humans have been bathed in sub-6Ghz EMR in the form of… Read more »


    5G mobile network and home WiFi are vastly different both in power level and frequency.
    You sir, are the idiot

    Chris Rowland

    Actually Simon, the frequencies are similar. 5G networks operate (for now) in the sub-6Ghz range, and home WiFi operates in the same range.

    Yes, the power outputs are different, but you don’t stand right in front of a 5G tower .. they’re up in the air, and generally not easy to stand right next to (though, some are).

    You can, however, stand right in front of your home WiFi gear.

    Power outputs might be different, but given how close you get to one, and how close you can’t get to another ….. yeah.


    The claim is addressed right there in the article, and still there’s a comment from Steve trying to perpetuate the myth !!
    Again, it’s already been debunked RIGHT IN THUS VERY ARTICLE !!

    Dean Rosolen

    We’ve got a live one here!