In what appears to be the market norm these days, there’s little we don’t yet know about the Pixel 4a. We have seen leak after leak, including pricing and images of the device.

Thanks to Reddit user Mnzwkhaing we get our first look at the retail packaging for the upcoming device.

The packaging doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know but does confirm – like the Pixel 4 – there is no in-display fingerprint sensor; it’s on the back. The image also matches well to the timeline we would expect in the lead up to what would be a Google I/O aligned release date.

We often also see some great specials on previous iterations of Google hardware making room for a new release, so keep your eyes and ears out for those.

With lots of information already available about the Pixel 4a, will you be looking at purchasing one?

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Boulton O'Kelly

I thought a saw a fingerprint sensor too?!?


Looks like a finger print sensor to me…


My pixel 2 is doing well, so a P 4 would be on my short list.
Always keeping an eye on what OnePlus is up to, still have to import these?


No fingerprint sensor?!?! … I’m pretty sure that is a fingerprint sensor right in the middle of the back case..same location as it exists on the 3a..