Something interesting popped up on my Facebook feed last night, as it seems Optus is now offering an NBN Modem that will back up to its 4G network when the main NBN network goes down. This new plan – which came about the end of last month – follows similar offerings from the other major telco’s – Vodafone and Telstra.

Interestingly, the new modem, called the Optus Ultra WiFi Modem with 4G backup, is being offered to new and re-contracting customers who sign up to an eligible NBN plan.

There are two such plans to choose from, depending on your preferred speed and inclusions, starting from a mere $70 per month on NBN50 or standard plus and includes unlimited data, Fetch Mini box and Optus sport subscription. The premium plan is $120 a month for NBN100 or Premium with unlimited data, Fetch Mighty Box which includes 1 Premium Channel pack included plus Free upgrade to 45+ channel Ultimate Pack included for the first month and Optus Sport subscription included for 36 months.

You can also include a home phone service at an additional cost of $10 per month, but most people these days probably won’t bother.

To take full advantage of these plans, of course you need to be in a 4G coverage area, but that’s going to be most places where there’s NBN service anyway. The plus side? When you connect with one of these plans, you’ll have internet straight away (using the 4G service) until your NBN connection is activated.

It was always perplexing to me why Optus hadn’t joined Vodafone and Telstra in offering a 4G back up WiFi modem.

As my mum has an active Optus NBN service, when the NBN went down a few months ago Optus offered a 4G mobile Broadband WiFi device, but that’s a bit of a muckabout. Having a modem that includes the 4G modem, and seamlessly switches over if the NBN drops out will be much better.

You can check out Optus new Ultra WiFi Modem with 4G backup and NBN plans here.

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I’m on Optus 4G only it’s lucky if I can get 2mbps …… Pointless


Depends where you live


I’d be more excited if it was a 5g modem.


My Vodafone 4g back up never kicks in


They are always the one copying Vodafone.
Even on their endless plans and all new no lock in plans

Joshua Hill

Is it a seamless crossover. I’m about to play my 1st online race in a league I’ve joined tonight and as my HFC NBN is not trustworthy I’m going to tether my phone via USB to my PC and use it’s 4G.

If I had a dropout mid game would the 4g come on without disconnecting me?