A week ago we saw the first indicative pricing for the Tab S6 lite in Europe. Now thanks to one of the team members at Winfuture, we’re seeing a correction to that pricing.

The adjustment to previous pricing leaks is minimal with the LTE version seeing a €9 increase to AU$756 and a €20 drop for the Wi-Fi version to AU$652. The tablet is gathering momentum before its release, with support pages for both the LTE and Wi-Fi version live overseas.

With the success of other Samsung tablet models in Australia, we are working to confirm if and when the S6 lite will arrive in Australia. Once we know and have confirmed pricing, we’ll share more information.

What do you need from the Tab S6 lite for it to be on your desired devices list?

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It’s too expensive.


As long as the 4G/LTE variant can be used as a regular phone, I’ll be happy.
The WiFi variant though, it’s being gouged for about $200AUD above what it should.
From memory, the Samsung Galaxy tab A 10.1 (2016) WiFi went for about $400, and the 4G/LTE $800. So the 4G/LTE S6 Lite seems about right, but the WiFi S6 Lite version? Gouging high price.