Remember Samsung’s S Voice? Barely I bet. It was Samsung’s first attempt at a digital assistant and those who used it will know just how good it was (spoiler: it wasn’t). Come June this year and Samsung are pulling the plug on S Voice.

Sammobile are reporting that Samsung are discontinuing S Voice from June 1, 2020. There aren’t many products still around with it on with Bixby taking over from it. Although Bixby was a major improvement over S Voice it will cannot compete with the likes of Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.

From June any use of S Voice will just return a “I’m unable to process your request” answer, for everything. This won’t affect many devices considering that S Voice has not shipped on any devices for the past couple of years.

Unfortunately Samsung have not offered any replacement for S Voice so if for some reason you actually used S Voice you are stuff without it — unless you can use Google Assistant on it. The other option is of course to update your device to a newer product.

It does make you wonder at what stage Samsung will shutter Bixby too. They have already scaled back its integration in their devices by removing the Bixby button. I’m not sure how many people actually use Bixby as their digital assistant but with the abilities and cross-device compatibility of Google Assistant it makes you wonder why you would choose Bixby for those functions.

Are you someone who uses Bixby? I like the use of Bixby Routines on the new S20 series but the comparison of Bixby to Google Assistant is not even a close contest. What do you think?

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Bixby is the biggest pain in the a%rse I have ever met. Whoever decided to put the button where it is needs to examined for mental instability.

I regret ever getting my S10+ after my Nexus 6p battery died.