Google are continuing to improve YouTube Music and today are beginning to roll out yet another new feature that can only improve it — an improvement on how to find new music.

The new Explore tab will replace the current Hotlist tab and will be the go-to place to discover new music. Within the tab will be not just new releases but YouTube Music’s “extensive, diverse” catalogue of playlists.

The idea is for the Explore tab to expand music horizons with two new sections within — New Releases and Moods & Genres.

  • New Releases will feature the latest popular albums, tracks and music videos along with new content that is suggested to you based upon your listening history.
  • Moods & Genres will help users find a playlist or genre perfect for their current moment — for example, relaxing, working out, etc.

The new Explore tab is rolling out today on iOS and Android and will be coming to the YouTube Music web player “soon”. The Explore tab is by no means finished either with additional updates and features in the works.

We are yet to see it on our devices and without any updates in the store pending it is likely to be a slow roll out. Let us know in the comments below if you have the new Explore tab yet and your thoughts on it.

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Fraser Paterson

I agree with previous comment. The fact that you can’t select multiple songs and put them in playlists I would think be much higher priority. PS…. If this can now be done please let me know how)


STILL MORE chrome and bells and whistles being slathered on to YTM, but not what SHOULD have been done first. Full Feature Parity with GPM.