We’ve heard a lot over the last three weeks about the strain our Internet services are facing. Internationally this is a common theme, so various service providers are seeking ways to reduce the strain. YouTube, Netflix and Stan are among the services who are, or have been requested to reduce their bandwidth use. Now Nest Cam owners may see a difference in their camera stream quality due to a setting change pushed out by Google.

First we’re returning Nest camera video quality to its default setting—the setting your camera has right out of the box. This means if you currently have your video quality and bandwidth set to high it will temporarily move to default, but if it’s set to default or lower, nothing will change.

The change is temporary and you may notice a difference in quality, but only the video bandwidth option will be adjusted, all other settings will stay as-is, and all core features will continue to work. Don’t worry—you can readjust this setting at any time if you want the higher-quality option.

What this actually means for users is very little, as the change can be overridden by users. The reality is that many users may not even notice the change on their streams, or perhaps just put it down to available bandwidth. While the changes made to the Nest streaming of cameras would have a minimal impact in the grand scheme, it’s great to see Google taking the situation seriously.

What other changes do you believe are feasible for various providers to make in order to ease Internet congestion as it builds?