As a parent of children who are increasingly becoming interested in technology, I assure you that locating appropriate and educational content can be tough. Google has done some significant work by teaming up with teachers and tagging apps that are suitable for kids.

We’ve heard from parents that it’s difficult to dig through all the content that’s out there for kids. Today, we’re making it easier for parents to find the good stuff, with a new Kids tab on Google Play filled with “Teacher approved” apps that are both enriching and entertaining. We decided to launch the Kids tab a bit earlier than planned because parents who have tried it out told us that it’s been helpful, especially now with their kids home from school and spending more time with screens.

Apps that meet the required guidelines earn themselves a “teacher approved” badge in the Play Store. What this means is that they have been assessed for age-appropriateness, quality of experience, enrichment, and delight. That information is included in the listing to help parents make decisions on apps that are right for their kids.

For Aussie users in the short term, identification of these is simply a case of checking apps one at a time. In the longer term, the new Kids tab will become available in Australia. At the moment, the Kids tab is rolling out to the USA Play Store only with intent to take it internationally – seemingly to replace the Family tab – in the coming months.

The steps taken to identify appropriate and educational material by Google are impressive and appreciated.