A new, all you can read magazine app, called Readly, has launched in Australia that offers access to over 5000 magazines both domestically in Australia and Internationally, called Readly, has launched with a subscription based of $14.99 per month to binge read all the magazines you want.

Readly, which is a Swedish-based magazine app, has expanded to the United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, United States, Germany, Austria and Ireland, with the company now adding the Australian and New Zealand marketplace to their countries they operate in.

Readly CEO, Maria Hedengren, has said the rise in consumers using smartphones to access and read content online, has paved the way for the app to expand, and that:

By using new technology and embracing new consumer habits and preferences, we believe that great value can be created for both consumers and publishers in Australia. Smartphone usage is increasing, digital content consumption is on the rise and the ‘all-you-can-eat’ subscription model is becoming the new standard.

Ever since our launch in 2013, we have been building an ecosystem around magazine content. One result of that is the data insights we share with publishers, enabling them to optimise their business. We have a collaborative approach and want to support the publishing industry in any way we can

Local magazine titles which will be available through the Readly app include, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Elle Australia, Frankie and National Geographic Kids just to name a few. Hedengren has also said that:

We not only aim to reach the avid magazine readers in Australia, but also connect readers from all over our 50 markets with Australian magazine content.

Readly is offering new Australian and New Zealand customers who sign up for the app, discounted rate of $0.99 for their first month and in some good news for those who are not sure if they can pay the usual monthly subscription cost of $14.99, it (the monthly subscription) can be paused or cancelled at any time without any additional cost.

If you could like to try out the Readly App, you can download it via the Link below from the Play Store.