There are a lot of unsung heroes at the moment getting very little recognition for the risks they take every day just to look after others. OPPO are looking to recognise these folks by plastering their mugs all over the Southern Hemisphere’s largest billboard.

OPPO are using their new #AnEssentialThankYou to paid homage to the workers, not just healthcare workers, that are keeping this country running in the face of adversity. Healthcare workers, especially cleaners (can you imagine many more demanding and risky jobs in the current crisis than a cleaner in a hospital?) and reception staff, supermarket workers, food services providers, teachers, day care workers, nurses, doctors, all allied health workers and of course radiographers (j/k but in all seriousness if I’ve forgotten you I apologise) can all get their mugs up on OPPO’s billboard.

The billboard is located on Sydney’s skyline and to get yours or someone you appreciate’s face on the board and recognise the work they do each and every day a photo needs to be either uploaded to their website form or by sharing a selfie on your favourite social media channel with the hashtag #AnEssentialThankYou tagging @OPPOmobileau in the process.

If you know of someone you think deserves to be up there head on over to the AnEssentialThankYou website or hit @OPPOmobileau up on your favourite social media platform with the above hashtag and a pic of the worker you want recognised. I’ve nominated one person to go up there, why don’t you go and do the same?