The good old humble bundle has collated another pile of software to help – or hinder – you being productive while working from home.

As always with Humble Bundles there are pricing levels where you get more and more for your money. The base-level will get you Parallels Access, a 3 Month subscription to Evernote and King of Dragon Pass, a total value of $55.95 for your PC or Mac for $1.50 total cost. Parallels is a great remote access tool from your mobile device, to get access to your PC or laptop at home. Evernote on the other hand, lost favour with many users back in 2016 when their pricing was changed to cost more while offering less.

The second pay level at $17.72 is where the distractions start to kick in. Included at this level are three Warhammer games for Steam including Space Wolf, Space Wolf – Fall of Kanak and Space Wolf – Sentry Gun Pack. Each can be a complete black hole for time, but also provide many hours of entertainment. You’ll also get 6 months of Livedrive Backup which is a very popular automated backup tool and Todoist Premium – our weapon of choice for task allocation and tracking at Ausdroid – with a total value of over $90 on top of the level 1 offering.

If you choose to drop the full $33 or more on the complete bundle you’ll also unlock multiple further productivity tools:

  • Encrypt Me VPN
  • WordPerfect Office Home and Student – An office alternative
  • Twist – A productivity tool that combines some of the functions of email and chat. Often marketed as an alternative to the hugely popular Slack
  • 6 months of access to 1Password for Families and Teams
  • Display Fusion – Gives users Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and customizable Functions

There are some further games on offer too Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Insomnia: The Ark, Warhammer Space Wolf – Saga of the Great Awakening and Warhammer Space Wolf – Sigurd Ironside. The third level offerings alone are worth $546.80 with the total package offering $692.75 of value. The Work Remote bundle will continue to be available until Wednesday the 6th of May. Hopefully, by then we’ll have an end in sight to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Stay safe out there and if you’re in need of some productivity tools, hit up the Humble Bundle Work Remote pack.