LG used to be a big player in the mobile market, especially here in Australia. Several missteps has resulted in declining sales and very few devices released here. Overseas in most countries they are faring no better but they are looking to get back on course with a new naming scheme and a new focus on the mid-range.

Rumours surfaced recently of a new business plan for LG’s mobile business — a plan to solely target the mid-range segment of the market. This plan for “offensive pricing policy” of “mass premium and mass-tier 5G products” seems to be pointed towards the new LG Velvet they revealed in a video today.

LG have unveiled the design of the LG Velvet in a new video shared via its YouTube channel. The video shows off the phone in its entirety including their “raindrop” camera setup on the rear. The triple rear camera system starts with the largest lens at the top, then has those of decreasing size below it and the flash at the bottom.

Around the front the single selfie camera is in a 2019-styled notch. The front and rear of the device both look to be curved, hopefully leading to it sitting in the hands comfortably. The left side has the power button and the right the volume buttons on the left of the device. There is no fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device suggesting that an in-display fingerprint sensor will be included.

For those who still roll like that there is a 3.5mm headphone jack — whether this means they are including their Quad DAC that brings amazing sounding audio we have seen in recent LG smartphones.

The video also reveals the processor — a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G with 5G support — the same chipset we are expecting to see in the Google Pixel 5 this year.

The phone comes in some very stylish looking colours Aurora White, Velvet Sunset, Aurora Green, Aurora Gre and although availability is unknown at this stage we expect it to eventually land Downunder at what should be a mid-range pricing. The mid-range pricing seems to have moved in recent years but you would hope it would come in at around AU$600-$1000.

Hopefully LG can have some success with this new series and focus. The more successful players we see in the Android market the better it is for us as consumers. Choice, competition and hopefully better pricing. Do you like the look of this? Will you head back to LG based on the look of this?

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What I liked about the LG I had a while ago – G3? – was the power and volume buttons on the back, best ergonomics set up.
Also not too tall and skinny. Get back to that, LG, if you want a product that stands out from the crowd.


The other thing that you didn’t really mention is the aspect ratio, the device looks very tall and skinny, reminding me of the Xperia devices. Not sure if I’m a fan of that.

Tango India Mike

Big issue with LG is their software updates….you get stuck on whatever it ships with.

They need to fix this if they want to get my money again…nothing to do with their hardware.

Dean Rosolen

Was just about to say this as lack of software updates is a common complaint I hear about LG phones.


I will only consider LG Velvet, if it ships with Android One.


Honestly it looks pretty nice, but the make or break will be what software they put on this thing


It does look nice. Only negative thing for me looks to be the curved screen… terrible invention.

If they put Android One on this though it is something I’d still consider.