Samsung may have set the foldable world alight this year with the Galaxy Flip but they are not done there, readying a successor to the Galaxy Fold — after the first generation was a relative success for them. According to a leak overnight the next Galaxy Fold will get a bump in display specs all around.

Ross Young, founder/CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, took to Twitter to day to share the details he had heard regarding the Galaxy Fold 2 — something we have heard exists but know very little about.

The display on the Galaxy Fold 2 will this year be a 7.59-inch display with a 2213 x 1689 resolution (372PPI) which is a slight bump on the first generation Galaxy Fold (1536 x 2152, 326PPI). The main display will us an LPTO backplane, a technology developed for OLED displays by Apple and is designed to offer a great display experience without killing the battery life — it also offers the ability to dynamically change the refresh rate of the display.

The ability to change the refresh rate dynamically will be important given that the new display is rumoured to support 120Hz and given the poor battery life of the Galaxy S20 when using 120Hz they’d better have some solution up their sleeves.

Not done there, Ross also detailed the front (outer) display. This year, assuming his information is accurate, the display will be a 6.23-inch, 2267 x 819 resolution AMOLED display. The original Galaxy Fold display had a much smaller 4.6-inch, 1680 x 720 (399PPI) display making the new display a large upgrade over last year’s version.

Based on drawings made from these measurements the display will be a very tall and skinny display and no longer a 21:9 ratio. It remains to be seen of course whether a keyboard is very usable on such a skinny display.

Interestingly, this year the Galaxy Fold version will include a punch hole selfie camera — a strange decision given the sheer amount of screen real estate available and the suspected added cost of =using this form.

Of course all these upgrades could spell disaster for those hoping for a cheaper Galaxy Fold in 2020. Hopefully Samsung can pull some magic and make it “affordable” and surprise with the cost as they did the Galaxy Flip.