WhatsApp has done its bit to assist with reducing the spread of fake news through its platform. Their encryption standards (end to end) mean that privacy is protected, but that “safety” could also be used for evil. Over time we have seen continual updates and upgrades to functionality and now we’re about to see another.

With COVID-19 still causing significant impact on people’s lives, the ability to connect is important, and so increasing the participant limit in calls (video and voice) to 8 will have a positive effect.

Officially the feature only updated to allow 4 participants a couple of weeks ago, but WhatsApp Beta Info has shed some light on the upcoming changes in their latest post. It’s worth noting that if you’re part of the Beta you can test this now, provided all call participants are also on the Beta.

Regular users will know the ease of initiating group calls, although the quality can be affected if one person has poor internet quality.

It’s a great step to allow users to stay in touch, not just with individuals but with groups of friends and family as a collective. If you could request one new feature from WhatsApp, what would you ask for?