Swann produces some excellent home security hardware. We have taken the chance to review their video doorbell, Wi-Fi Security Cameras and their Full HD Security Camera kit in the past. The company has today launched “Home, Safe Home” an initiative associated with a reduced presence at some sites to assist with peace of mind and security for home, work or other organisational premises.

Security cameras including the Swann 1080p Spotlight Outdoor Camera, and the Swann 1080p Alert Indoor Security Camera are among the devices being given away each day from today until at least 30 June 2020.

To access the program, you simply need to email to [email protected] and tell them in 50 words or less about yourself, someone or an organisation you know in need of some boosted security for their premises. If you’re a more social media-driven person, you can hit them up via their various pathways and use the hashtag #swannhomesafehome

If you’re keen to learn more or perhaps throw your hand in the air for some free gear head to the Swann Community Give away page to read up more about what the program is offering. It’s running until at least June 30, 2020, so give it a crack, what have you got to lose?