Coronavirus has disrupted everyone’s lives but especially in industries like tourism and hospitality where most of the businesses have shut down completely.

Before this crisis over 1.3 million Australians were employed in Tourism and Hospitality.

For these fellow Aussies doing it tough, once the Federal and State governments remove restrictions on going for holiday domestically, if you have the funds then travelling in Australia is one of the best things you can do to help them.

For yourself, anticipation of a holiday is half the fun when planning ahead about where you’ll go and the experiences you’ll share with family and friends.

For 38 years, Rough Guides has delivered trustworthy advice, information and inspirational insights to travellers seeking authentic off-the-beaten path adventures.

While travel isn’t possible at present, Rough Guides remain committed to helping readers make the most of their time on earth, which is why they’re offering everyone in lockdown a complimentary Rough Guides eBook – the perfect way to plan future adventures while staying safe at home.

The offer allows 1 free ebook download per person until April 26th 2020. I’ve bought paper and ebook Rough Guides to plan past holidays and they’ve offered great advice.

Realistically overseas travel to anywhere besides Australia is not a good idea for at least 12 months, in case you get trapped in a country where a second or third wave of COVID-19 spreads through their population.

Whether you live in a city like Adelaide and plan a weekend away somewhere nearby like Kangaroo island or you live in Sydney and plan a tropical getaway to Darwin to see Kakadu National Park there are countless options available across the country where you and you’re spending money will be very welcome.

So my recommendation is that you choose The Rough Guide to Australia ebook as your free download, after filling in the Rough Guides travel survey to get the Free ebook code.

That’s what I did earlier today and I downloaded the ebook to my tablet (available in EPUB and MOBI formats). To read EPUB’s I suggest FBreader which is a free Android Epub reader app that doesn’t have annoying ads at the bottom of the screen.

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David Clarke

Great tip, thank you!

Daniel Narbett

Great tip thanks! Though I got Turkey instead of Oz

Daniel Narbett

…but sorry that’s a terrible ebook reader! I feel like I’m back in 2010

Daniel Narbett

Yeah Neerav…I got nothin’ in terms of free/easy alternatives in this case 😉 *sigh* Each of the downloads of the guide (epub, pdf, mobi) are over 100mb and reading/importing them into Google Books or Kindle is strangely difficult!! :/ I also bought the paid version of FBReader (only $9 orso) but it was no improvement. I’m not clear what platform Rough Guide want me to use

Daniel Narbett

Edit: reading the pdf version isn’t difficult of course! It’s just a crappy format for books on mobile