Sometimes our Google Search terms aren’t great for what we are looking for and we either end up with a wrong result or no result. Starting in the US today Google are rolling out a new message warning users when your search phrase sucks with suggestions on how to fix your search.

Google Search results sometimes give results that are not related to what you intended them to be. As we said they can detect misspellings and provide proper spelling predictions to give you more accurate results. The are also continuing to make improvements with the way Search understands your phrasing in the language by understanding the words and concepts to find a good match for what you are searching for.

Even with all that the results can still be not accurate — of course Google are blaming you and your crappy Googling, which is most likely accurate. From today users in the US will see a new message that lets you know when Google has not been able to find anything that matches your search very well.

It will still give results for you to peruse but the message is a “signal” that Google doesn’t think it’s found what you were looking for. The new message will also include alternate searches and tips to help you fix your query to “find the information you seek”. The tips seem to often be fairly advanced Search tools which can only help your future Searches.

The new message should not show up too often given everyone’s Google-fu capabilities these days but when it does it can only improve our Googling going forwards. There is no word when this will roll out to the rest of the world but we would expect it to land in Australia in the next few months.