LG have overhauled their naming scheme and look set to bring a whole new design to market with the LG Velvet and it looks like we won’t have long to wait before we see if officially launched to the world.

LG have today released a new video to YouTube revealing that the LG Velvet will be unveiled on May 7. The short teaser video once again focuses on the design of the velvet, and to be honest, it looks to be the best looking LG phone we have seen possibly ever.

The focus is once again on the raindrop camera setup on the rear of the device — very different to all the large black camera modules we are seeing in virtually every other smartphone on the market. This time they show a different colour for each type of lens — each colour represents a colourway for the device — Aurora White, Velvet Sunset, Aurora Green, Aurora Grey. There is nothing new about the device given away in today’s video, just the announcement date and where to watch the unveiling.

For those interested head on over to the LG Korea YouTube channel or their Facebook page at 10am KST (11am AET) on May 7.

If this is your first time hearing about the LG Velvet, and let’s face it is has not been front and foremost in many people’s minds, it is expected to arrive with a waterdrop notch housing the selfie camera, 5G support with a Snapdragon 765G (same processor as the Pixel 5 apparently), a rear triple camera system, a headphone jack, and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The pricing is expected to be mid to premium pricing with the upper-mid range processor and specs. At that pricing and these good looks it looks like it could possibly start to turn LG Mobile’s fortunes around. It is unclear how their software has improved though as that is what has always hamstrung them in the past. Stay tuned for two weeks time when all will be revealed.