If you have a smart speaker chances are you have experienced the joy of it simply not hearing you while somehow also triggering when anyone says a hard G word. Google seems aware of this issue and has announced a new sensitivity feature that will be rolling out to Smart Speakers and Displays.

The new setting will be accessed via the Home app and will be under the easy to find heading of “Hey Google” sensitivity. To adjust simply open the Home app, navigate to each speaker individual (sorry there’s no whole house setting), tap on the settings cog icon and select the new option. From there you’ll have a slider that lets you set the sensitivity higher or lower depending on what your needs are.

I have several Smart Speakers that seem to refuse to acknowledge me, as well as a couple (unsurprisingly) in the lounge that trigger constantly when watching TV. This will allow for custom sensitivity for all speakers to match their surrounds and your experience of using them.

The feature has not rolled out to any of our devices and Google says to expect to see it “in the next few weeks”.