Google Assistant just got two more device types added to the official list of supported Smart Home device types, networks and routers. In many instances your router is your “network” however by separating them out Google has increased flexibility of the platform to control higher-end gear.

The new central control schema from the Assistant team will allow OEMs to build native compatibility for Google Assistant to control network routers, modems and Wi-Fi devices, including Mesh systems, into their devices.

Hey Google, turn off the Kids Wi-Fi

or even better,

Hey Google, block Facebook.

With Wi-Fi 6 devices coming out more frequently, and Googles own Nest Wi-Fi mesh system not supporting Wi-Fi 6 hopefully we will see native Assistant integration into new devices as they roll out.

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The headline sounds so positive, but in the Terminator movies the same “line” has such a darker tone.


I hope ASUS adopt this with their aimesh systems.