There’s a ton of apps in the productivity platform market with multiple options for any particular need you may have. There are task list apps, online collaboration and chat tools, note taking apps and project management tools. Each of them with their own pros and cons but the trouble is they’re usually focussed on one particular task.

Taskade is a new entry to the productivity realm and they’ve taken a far more holistic approach. Some of the general pros for Taskade include no sign-up needed, real-time syncing. They have employed a cross-platform approach: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux apps as well as a web interface and instant startup.

Not only that but there are both free and paid options, which is pretty fair given the costs of some other products that only cover one or two facets of Taskade’s capability.

That capability is impressively broad:

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Task lists
  • Note taking
  • Mind mapping
  • Project Management boards
  • Video conferencing or online chat
  • Unified workspace

With that list, you’ve got the potential to replace Jira, Trello, Slack/Skype/Teams, Keep and Wunderlist/Todoist with a single solution. It’s a potential to eliminate double handling — or potentially more — of your data and minimise the risk of human error in that process.

A brief look at Taskade over the last few days has shown that it can be well customised, visually filtered and while it requires some workflow changes, and engaged for just about any task and is well worth checking out.

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