Last year Google’s imaging team, made up of engineers who were originally part of the HTC team, performed what many called miracles with the imagery possible with their mid-range processor and mid range specs. This year they look set to continue that with the Pixel 4a.

Once again showing off with an ability to create great images from what is rumoured to be a single lens system the team at Google appear to have produced a camera system that is capable of great images. A user has leaked the images as part of a comparison with the Redmi Note 7.

As you can see in the images above the natural colours produced in both images are extremely realistic in a low light scenario and and outdoor image. The images are apparently taken with a 12.2MP lens in the Pixel 4a and even without the Pixel Neural Core to enhance images using machine learning in real time, the images look to be high quality.

Last year the Pixel 3a set a new benchmark for image quality in mid-range devices and they look set to continue that this year with the Pixel 4a. At this stage though there is very little real world samples to go by but you can be sure that Google will not stop until they have that image quality at a Pixel level.

With the Pixel 4a set to be released this month we wait impatiently to get our hands on one and run it through its paces. Stay tuned as we give an Aussie opinion on Google’s latest smart phone — this time an affordable mid-range smartphone.