Every time a phone is about to be announced it seems that someone “accidentally” leaks the phone and its details on their website / YouTube channel. Overnight we have seen both.

Related to the camera sample leak last week, Tecnolike Plus has revealed their Pixel 4a camera review on both their YouTube channel and their blog without any attempt to hide details. They have even included a Google Photos link to their images themselves.

They shared their post with XDA Developers including details of the camera specs. According to the Cuban website the Pixel 4a has a solitary rear camera 12.2MP Sony IMX363 lens, f/1.73. The front facing selfie camera is an 8MP Sony IMX355 f/2.0 lens. The rear camera is the same camera that is in the Pixel 3, Pixel3a and the Pixel 4.

The images seem to be more of the same as you expect from Google with their smartphones — it is amazing what they can do with a single lens. When checking out the images it is important to note that they are taken with the camera running pre-release software which is often not the same that it releases with if every other phone release ever is anything to go by.

Google’s Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, portrait mode and astrophotography all stand out, just as they have done in Pixels past. Check out the samples below and see for yourself. To see the original photos head over to their Google Photos link.

For those of you who’s Spanish language skills are better than mine (which would be everyone who has seen or done more Spanish than Dora when their kids were little) you can also check out the video below.

With this leak occurring now you would expect the Pixel 4a to be launching in the next week or so. It was originally slated to be launching next week at Google I/O and we expect Google to stick to a very similar timeline.

Keep an eye out for the launch as it happens — we don’t expect to get much, if any, notice of its launch and suspect it will just occur one night. We cannot wait to see what Google brings to the table with the Pixel 4a — we are sure it’s mid-range pricing will once again offer great value for money.