As with so many new features on electronic platforms, in the early stages, Australia has missed out on Google Play Pass. If some of the ads (and tips: Thanks Huy) that we’re seeing are an indication, Play Pass could be launching here very soon.

We’ve had a couple of reader tips as well as our own team members seeing an advert for Play Pass sign up. Unfortunately, if you follow the link you’ll be shown US pricing and told that Play Pass isn’t yet available for your account.

This leaves us with more questions than answers at the moment. Given the timing around — what would be — Google I/O dates is this the precursor to a wider release? Is Play Pass launching internationally with the Pixel 4a? Or is this simply, a poorly targeted advert?

Let’s hope for the wider release with the Pixel 4a, but as always… Time will tell.

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Yup agree with above comment. Why are we lacking this feature and why would we want it?

J R O'Callaghan

It might help if you actually mention in your article what Play Pass does?