Standards are hard, mostly because standards aren’t in fact standard, we get it. There are multiple types of standards for the one thing, and even within a standard there are variations and options, but regardless of any of that, I’m over the USB confusion.

We’ve made little secret here that we’re fans of the reversible USB-C connector, and despite the nuances of the USB 3.x standard we’re even fond of most of the enhanced features it brought along, such as reverse charging and USB PD. We’re less fond of the walled garden style changes made recently following Apple’s involvement with the standard.

It’s been a few years since USB 3.0 and the Type-C connector were introduced and I’m amazed at how many accessory devices are still shipping with Micro-USB, at least at the mid and premium tiers. Mobile phones on the whole have made the switch but accessories still seem to be coming out with Micro-USB adaptors.

Well henceforth and furthermore I shall not be buying them, not for me, not for my family and friends and micro-USB will get a dishonourable mention in any review. Why? Because every device that comes out with micro-USB prolongs the agony of just killing the connector once and for all.

I understand that there are supply chains and tooling involved in changing over, but people, they’ve had years — the first USB C device shipped in 2015. It seems some OEMs are using USB-C as a premium feature, holding it back from some device and including it in others.

The time for this to stop has arrived. Micro-USB was a significant improvement in its day, but it’s time to take it behind the shed and shoot it. So OEMs be warned, if your headphones, earbuds, Qi charging stand or giza-ma-bob has a micro-USB in it, it’s outdated before it ships.

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    Even Google deserves a thorough boot up the arse, over not supporting USB C more.
    The Google Nest Mini uses a barrel connector for power.


    I wish they would start offering the “C” type connection that goes into the PC as well. How many times I get those things around the wrong way.
    I agree with the editorial, always have to put the glasses on to see which end is which.


    Personally I find the USB-C connectors quite a pain. Haven’t had one yet that is a firm stay in the phone connection.

    For example, I have a Google Pixel 3 and have tried numerous cables in the car and that all drop out due to vibrations or will not give me a good reliable charging connection.

    Much prefer old school connections thanks or am I missing something here?


    you need to check the port on the phone sometime dirt get in there you can you the sim tool if you careful but try and use a toothpick


    I was struggling with this with my pixel 3xl, did some searching online and it said the most common cause was lint in the connector. Sure enough when I managed to fashion the right piece of plastic to have a dig around there I was amazed how much linkt came out of it. Subsequently the cable connection has been much better.


    I would have to agree with “Anthrox”. I had a Pixel 3 with a wobbly USB-C port. I took it to the Telstra store and the first thing the Telstra staff did was start scraping the port with a SIM ejector tool. Out came the phones version of belly button fluff, no more problems with charging or with the cable falling out!!
    BTW totally agree with this article, I always try to buy accessories with a USB-C port (and Bluetooth 5.0 where applicable) such as headphones, Bluetooth speakers, powerbanks etc.

    Andrew Priest

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Will give it a shot.