The Optus Family plan has launched and it has some well-planned inclusions. Many parents know the pain of wanting their kids to be contactable during an emergency.

This has been addressed with a “corporate style” four SIM card setup and up to 250GB of data to share per month for $149.00 per month.

It’s a smart response from Optus to research that shows parents believe carriers could be doing more

With 67% of Australian parents believing that companies like ours could be doing more to support them when it comes to protecting their children online, we feel like there is no better time to be launching these plans.

The inclusions don’t stop at connectivity though, with plenty of extras being thrown in by Optus to help with protection for, and oversight of your kid’s activities. This includes a subscription to McAfee SafeFamily and access to Optus’ Cyber Education hub. Bother are tools for parents and children to learn about safe online activities together while having some protection against online threats.

Check out Optus’ Family Plan page for more details.

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Peter E Gillespie

A shameful ‘review’. Smacks of laziness or paid. Advertisement..

Chris Rowland

Huh? Not a review. Just announcing the new service offering.

Daniel Gray

All good for a 4 person family. What about 3 or 5 people families?

Louise Gillespie

3 you lose. 5 or 6 you pay a $30 extra per person