Since originally launching as Android Pay in 2016 in Australia Google Pay has seen a slow and steady growth, even if a few banks did try and band together to stop it. For many Australians Google Pay is accessible, assuming they have a relatively modern Android device with NFC.

If you bank with a “large” Australian financial institution chances are you’ve got Google Pay, at least on some of your accounts. We’ve kept an up to date list of all Australian financial institutions that offer Google Pay over here.

With the ubiquity of tap to pay across Australia, and with most business going cashless for COVID-19 There’s little excuse for any Australian Bank to not start using mobile payment systems such as Google Pay.

I know for some a frustration is that Google Pay is only offered on some products, eg. only on debit, or with a Mastercard but not Visa. We’re not a banking site, but surely whatever constraints the banks have they can be overcome, so our only conclusion is that banks that don’t offer the feature everywhere just don’t care about their customer choices.

Here’s the thing, there’s so many banks, credit unions, community banks, and hell, even supermarkets offering financial services that it’s almost impossible to list all of them and not miss a few. So if you’re banking organization doesn’t offer Google Pay shout out below, we might start adding a list of financial institutions that don’t offer the feature.

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Martin Roberts

St George Bank Visa Debit doesn’t support Google Pay


Qantas Premier Everyday MasterCard.


St George Visa debit card is not supposrted. They used to have their own service/app for NFC payments before rollibg out to use Google Pay. Once they rolled out support to Google pay with only some of the products, they discontinued their own app that used to allow Visa Debit cards for NFC payments. St George is the slowest of all to adapt new technologies and they dont care about providing good service and support.


AL my cards are supported (NAB, CBA, StG) however the app disables the cards every few days and I have to go through the enabling procedure over and over again. What the $#@&??


St George Visa Debit is still not supported.


When Google pay came out I switched banks just so I could use it. I am sure that there would be banks out there losing customers over not supporting this basic functionality.


Virgin Money Credit Cards


Regional Australia Bank (New England Credit Union) offers neither Apple, Samsung or Google Pay. When you ask, you get no where other than watch this space. Watching … 4yrs now.

Ryan Lee

Citibank Australia
Contracted them multiple times, no answer.

Dean Rosolen

St George Visa Debit cards are still not supported.


Newcastle permanent building society been promising for years.

Al Crystal

Bank of Queensland can’t get it act together to offer any sort of Pay! Frustrates me no end.


Suncorp (clear options visa credit) unavailable. That’s the last card I’m waiting on, for the times when Amex is not accepted. They have support for debit, but I prefer to tap with credit and pay it off later (and earn points).

Gordon T

Qantas Premier Platinum doesn’t work. A shame, as it’s a popular card with frequent flyer earners