COVID-19 has caused businesses of the world to quickly adapt to the new way of life and as these businesses evolve and pivot into online spaces we, the consumers and users, are seeing some great new innovations. Google is one such company, fast tracking many features from virtually all of their products to help us all in our times of need.

Google has today added new features yet again to one of their products, this time Google Lens has been enhanced with some handy additions. Today’s additions are designed to help users be more productive in their new work from home environments.

Copy text from paper to your laptop

This new feature allows the user to copy text from a piece of paper to their computer. All you need to to is use Lens on your phone to select the text on the paper and then tap “copy to computer”. This will allow the user to quickly paste the selected text on another signed-in device with Chrome.

This feature does require the newest version of Chrome and for both devices to be signed into the same Google account but aside from that is easy to use — we wonder just how good it will be copying text from my messily handwritten note from the Zoom meeting yesterday.

UPDATE: it works, sort of. You just need to write a bit neater than I did:

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is always a great life skill to have. Now Lens can not only translate the words from more than 100 languages but can also pronounce it for you by playing it out loud. This would have come in handy for my honeymoon in Europe in June but……

Quickly search for new concepts

If you are readying a book or something offline (yes old skool right?) Google Lens can now provide in-line Google Search results for terms and complex phrases that you select in the text of the paper etc that you are reading.

All of these new changes are rolling out today to Android and to iOS “soon” and as you can see above we have at least one of the features here already. These features are cool and sound useful — do you think they’ll help you in everyday life?