Who doesn’t love some first party Google hardware (if you don’t you may not be on the right website)? Ever more so, who doesn’t love a good discount? Well, if that’s you then Google’s current Google Store deals might be for you.

Google Store sales are not uncommon, but there’s a very attractive deal in the mix this month, an original Google Home for $79, that’s $70 off or 47% discounted. This raises an interesting question, is the almost 4 year old device ready for the retirement home? Is there a Nest Home about to be released?

That’s pure speculation at this time, what’s not speculation is the $20 off the Nest Mini selling for $59, or the $50 discount in the Nest Hub Max, now on sale for $299. The biggest discount dollar wise is unsurprisingly on the most expensive item with the 2019 Pixel 4 64GB model on sale for only $799 which is $250 off!

If you were already in the market for one of these devices then the discounts are an added bonus. If you weren’t then $250 off a Pixel 4 or the $70 off the original Google Home are both compelling deals.

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Phillip Malone

Less discounting, more Pixel Buds 2! 😉 #HurrayUpAndTakeMyMoney