We get the chance to look at a lot of IT gear at Ausdroid including connectivity equipment. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen Mesh Wi-Fi grow and develop. From the early stages with Linksys Velop, through to the AI Mesh from Asus and recently the D-Link COVR C2202. Each had their pros and cons, but a common theme stands out if you’ve ever tried to inter-breed your Wi-Fi gear… Much like Google and Apple, they tend to not play well with others.

As a relatively new standard in Wi-Fi, EasyMesh is ready to change all of that and D-Link are early adopters.

The industry-standard mesh networking technology allows for device flexibility and ease of use, as users can easily add additional units for more coverage. Performance is maximised with the network’s self-organising and self-optimising capabilities.

The COVR-1102 AC1200 is one of the first mesh Wi-Fi systems to adopt the EasyMesh certification and it quickly stands out as a long term investment for your home. The units are physically very small, support wireless or Ethernet backhaul connection, will fit in among most home items or are easy enough to hideaway. Importantly, the COVR-C1102 has the capacity to handle a number of HD streams or devices accessing heavy data streams.

For the security-conscious users, WPA3 support is built in and of course has smart assistant (Google Assistant and Alexa) compatibility. For Aussie buyers, you can pick up a set for $299.95 from the D-Link website or the usual retail partners. Maybe hold off a couple of weeks though since we’ve got a set on the test bench and we’ll give the low down soon before you throw down some cash.

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Phill Edwards

I’m looking forward to your review.