Despite the delay between announcing their healthcare worker bonus and today’s delivery it’s still a generous offer on Vodafone behalf to give all AHPRA registered healthcare workers two months free of mobile access. What’s better, is the deal now applies to both post-paid and pre-paid plans.

To get the 2 months credit on your account you need to have a current AHPRA registration number, a Vodafone eligible service and have applied before 8 June 2020, that’s 29 days away but I still wouldn’t delay. Only one account is eligible for the discount, so if you have multiple accounts perhaps choose the one that costs the most per month.

It’s unclear how a family plan would be affected if you had one family plan but multiple AHPRA registered professionals in your family?

Post-paid customers will get two months of their plan value added whereas pre-paid customers will get twice the value of their last top up, the top up credit will last for 12 months. For those who apply you will be notified by SMS within “5 business days” of the outcome of your application.

To apply head on over the the Vodafone website and fill out your details including your AHPRA details.

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I really, really hate to be that guy but… this is a news outlet.



In the title, the word should be ‘their’.